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Customer reviews Harrington's Dog Food Complete Lamb and Rice Dry Mix, 15 kg

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 10:29 pm
Customer reviews Harrington's Dog Food Complete Lamb and Rice Dry Mix, 15 kg

Customer reviews Harrington's Dog Food Complete Lamb and Rice Dry Mix, 15 kg

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Helen P
Helen P Reply to on 29 December 2016
This food was recommended by our vet when our 9 year old Golden Retriever kept suffering from severe stomach upsets. He has been on this food for a few months now - wanted to make sure first! Not a sloppy poo in sight since and no more grumbling tummy noises. Everyone is happy again.
M.E.M Reply to on 1 December 2014
We started using this food as per my vets recommendation and have no regrets . My Golden loves it and is now healthier and slimmer than when he was eating Bakers. It is also only marginally more expensive, so why take the risk giving your dog Bakers " fast fatty food"?
Vicuña Reply to on 20 July 2018
I like the Harrington range of complete dried dog food. More importantly, my dog thinks this is business. Bought this on offer as a deal of the day, so it's exceptionally good value. The biscuit pieces seem crunchy and my cross breed terrier dives right in and the bowl is cleaned out in no time. I mix wet and dry food; wet for one meal, dry for the other. This complete food is ideal to serve if I'm out for the day or weekend. No messy wet food bowls to clean up, the dog devours the lot and it's clean and easy to carry.

All round winner
deborah bateman
deborah bateman Reply to on 28 August 2018
My 4 year old rescue dog has eaten this food since she was 5 months old and even though she has an extremely sensitive stomach has thrived on it.She also has a little wet food alongside but all her nutrients are met by this dry food.It works out at excellent value purchased on subscribe&save option.can not fault it
Monkeypaula Reply to on 17 November 2017
I swear by this product. My dog reacts badly to the chicken one (but can eat fresh chicken, yes,i am confused too).

I tend to give her tuna oil or some sort of fish/chicken as well to up the protein content.
Magi Reply to on 25 September 2018
My dog loves this food & its mind on hos very sensitive stomach. He has had no gastro problems since i started him on this brand & im happy with the variety of flavours on offer.
My main concern with my most recent delivery however, is the completely unnecessary & wasteful packaging. I usually have my deliveries come in a grey sack & even a few times with just a sticker on the bag of food. Im happy with this, in fact, just the sticker would be sufficient. This delivery though, the packaging was excessive & unjustifiable. I understand & appreciate the sentiment of it & that the air bags are recyclable but there was 187 of them in the box that was already unnecessary.
S Moss
S Moss Reply to on 9 May 2018
Both of our Dalmatians clear their dishes of Harringtons Salmon dry food, at EVERY meal. Then they both check each other's bowls for any missed crumbs. Suitable for all ages....2 & 7 years in our case & They both thoroughly enjoy it. Weight maintained. Coats lovely. Firm stools. And within a week of changing their diet to this......'Silent Stink Bombs' are thankfully now a thing of the past. If you have a dog you will most probably have experienced them at some time or another.
Craig Kenworthy
Craig Kenworthy Reply to on 8 February 2018
Have been using Harringtons for my rescue dogs for over 14 years & cannot recommend it highly enough. Using the salmon one at present for my 9 yr old rescue Springer Barney who is gluten intolerant & allergic to meat especially chicken and other feathered animals. He is thriving on it! My other Springer Dexter & Shih Tzu Rocky have the Lamb & also are both thriving. My vet agrees it's a good food for a great price & to carry on using it as my boys are all fit & healthy eating Harringtons.
LedZepTT_ Reply to on 14 April 2018
Good price compared to supermarket.

My dog’s favourite is turkey, but also likes lamb. She’s not keen on the salmon.

I won’t show you any photos as evidence, but this food doesn’t generate any digestion problems compared to others ie. stools are firm and there’s no flatulence.
Marion S
Marion S Reply to on 7 October 2016
At last a food that seems to have (a little) effect on the windy being that is our pet Rottweiler ... he loves it and seems to date (we are on our second sack of this) to be ok on it. No upset tummies just regular nicely formed offerings?!? ... only dog owners will understand the use of the word 'nicely' :)
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