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Customer reviews Duracell C Plus Battery (Pack of 6)

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 10:29 pm
Customer reviews Duracell C Plus Battery (Pack of 6)

Customer reviews Duracell C Plus Battery (Pack of 6)

Price:£6.82+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Vicuña Reply to on 4 June 2017
Long sell by date, so I'm happy these will store until needed. I've used Duracell before and for regular use, I'm happy with their performance. I use them in laptop mouse, wireless speakers and clocks where they last for months and often years. Competitive price; at least one third cheaper than buying from local supermarket. Very pleased.
Jetage Reply to on 13 March 2018
These arrived exactly as per image, tested as having a good voltage. I've had these in my Concept II rower for years now. Each battery lasts about 2.5 years before needing to be replaced. The rower is in my garage with the heat/cold you can expect from the UK, and these fair very well compared to non brand poundland/home bargain specials.
fred Reply to on 17 October 2018
You can write any old rubbish here providing you award 5 stars: Not much point in leaving a rave review. If it is too good, Amazon believe you are making money from your review and punish you. I am unable to clear my name as Amazon now ignore me. Nobody wants to help, so I just put this on everything I purchase, sorry!
This started a year ago. It is impossible to contact amazon. When you do manage you are passed from department to department and end up at the beginning. If you want proof look at some of the comments on amazon facebook page. They have no morals, no conscious, and no customer services. I hope amazon goes down the toilet. Thank you xxx
PS. Gives the censer something to do, hope it drives them nuts. They wont clear my name so I will trash there so called reliance rating from submitting customers"
PTZ Reply to on 4 May 2017
These are great.
Has extra power as well as long lasting.
I tried set of poundland batteries, and these are miles ahead.
Just wow!
Well packaged, and easy to open..
HanaBi Reply to on 20 August 2015
Can't really argue with the quality & longevity of these batteries. Have been using them for years, and have always been very dependable: no unexepcted leaks or discharges in all that time. Unlike the once-dependable Ever-Ready batteries, which are anything but "Ready".

You can probably get cheaper AA and AAA batteries from the PoundShops - notably Kodak do some decent ones - and that's fine for emergencies. But when you want something a bit more longer-lasting and dependable for your device, I would always recommend Duracell

No fault/problems with the delvery or packaging. So with Christmas not too far away now, I'd gear up and get more batteries in readiness for all those electronic gifts you've recieved but have no batteries for.
Ash Pearson
Ash Pearson Reply to on 12 December 2017
This is really good value for high quality batteries. Duracell is a battery brand that you can trust for long life batteries for a range of different devices. I mostly use these for things like remote controls and clocks around the home. These last for ages, and when you buy a bigger pack of batteries such as a 12-pack, you end up paying much less per battery, so it's always worth the extra investment.

The expiry on these batteries was more than okay and I would highly recommend these batteries for powering your AA devices.
K. Kelly
K. Kelly Reply to on 7 May 2017
Very loosely packed arrived damaged 3 out of 6 not working due to loose parts.
Items returned for refund items looked used
rbmusicman/and/movie-fan' Reply to on 27 November 2016
Always handy to have around whether it be for your remote-controls, or indeed given the time of year, many of
today's kiddies toys are battery-operated (always good to have a back-up)
Have always found Duracell-Batteries reliable and longer-lasting than some.
Janice C
Janice C Reply to on 3 December 2016
Quality Duracell batteries. Excellent price and fast delivery. Tried cheap batteries in two animated toys, they just didn't have the initial oomph to get them going at all, even though they were brand new and straight out of the pack. Ordered the twelve pack of Duracell batteries, which arrived the next day, popped them in said toys and off they went. Worked a treat. Obviously all batteries are NOT the same and it's not just clever advertising. Would definitely buy again.
Mike Reply to on 11 March 2018
The batteries seem fine but the packaging is hopeless. I ordered 4 PP9 batteries and received the delivery the following day (great). The package that I received was empty (not so good).

The automated returns page is no use because you have to return the faulty product (difficult to do when you don’t have it). It was sorted out when I spoke to customer service but instead of next day delivery, it took three days from placing the original order to receiving the product.

The package is the kind that’s intended to hold books and has a cardboard flap at each end to stop the books falling out. Works great for a few books; not so good for a small pack of batteries which can very easily fall out. The 2nd package that I received did include the batteries but I only had to apply slight pressure to one of the flaps for the batteries to fall out.

Why does Amazon use such rubbish packaging?
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