Home Customer reviews Rolson 50535 5m x 19mm Measure Tape
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Customer reviews Rolson 50535 5m x 19mm Measure Tape

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 11:19 pm
Customer reviews Rolson 50535 5m x 19mm Measure Tape

Customer reviews Rolson 50535 5m x 19mm Measure Tape

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miroslav Reply to on 25 January 2018
it's a measuring tape. it measures, using the tape. the tape, which you measure with, has measures on it, such as inches, and centimeters!! It goes out, and then it goes all the way back in. Oh, the wonders of technology.

Was cheap, didn't break, everything works. Would recommend.
Me Reply to on 7 July 2017
I would measure my satisfaction 4 out of 5 on this. If your going to use it everyday buy more expensive
if you only use once in a while the reeling in and out wont bother you much and cheapo is fine
i make sense
i make sense Reply to on 1 October 2017
Used it probably 4-5 times over a two month period and the metal end snapped off. I guess you get what you pay for. The return on it is very fast and can give you a nasty cut if you let go suddenly!
oliviascotland Reply to on 23 October 2017
Measures well, and reasonably priced. It is impossible, however, to "lock" the tape measure at any measure without it retracting spontaneously (and often painfully if your hand happens to be in the way), which rather lessens the functionality of this tape measure.
Keeley L & John M
Keeley L & John M Reply to on 23 March 2018
Not bad - the body is sturdy enough, but the actual measuring tape is very flimsy, will not retain a uniform straight shape after a couple of feet - and the metal clasp on the end is just tacky, barely holds secure when you actually use it. Might be worth spending a few quid extra on a slightly better one.
Mr. Xandru J. Tait
Mr. Xandru J. Tait Reply to on 2 May 2018
Might have had a defected one but it was OK when purchased.
The end has twisted so its hard to get a measurement when measuring people.
I bought 2 but no longer trust the second one and going to bin it.
Sorry honest review after using not much for 5 months.
ZebMoon Reply to on 22 May 2018
Simple tape measure, purely functional and does what it says on the tin, build quality wouldn't stand up to rough work but ok and good for normal diy use
Omega09 Reply to on 16 September 2018
Everything you’d need from a tape measure. Sturdy and a very good price. Really came in handy for measuring up furniture in my new flat.
clare Reply to on 30 March 2018
Good quality heavy tape measure. Only downside is the actual metal tape is a bit flimsy and when the catch is down to hold the tape it doesnt hold too great.
Granddaddy purple
Granddaddy purple Reply to on 27 October 2017
Excellent quality as expected from brand bargain at the price of item works well stop button works great strongly put together very robust what else can I say
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