Home Customer reviews Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty
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Customer reviews Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 11:17 pm
Customer reviews Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty

Customer reviews Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty

R Futcher
R Futcher Reply to on 20 November 2017
I didn’t really understand the review of the person that used a gas stove to measure the carbon monoxide levels. Seems like that would be the test for a methane detector or a way to blow up your kitchen.
I didn’t fancy a face full of Pyrex so I opted for a test with tealights.
I lit some candles in a bowl and put a Pyrex dish over the top. After the oxygen had been exhausted the carbon monoxide reading gradually went up on on the monitor (not enough to set off the alarm though).
The product seems to function perfectly well.
Usual faultless service from amazon as expected.
Vlad of Sussex
Vlad of Sussex Reply to on 14 September 2014
The device has rather strict requirements for its location: not closer than 2m to the possible source of CO and not further away than 4m. It has also to be not close than 30cm to the ceiling. In a small kitchen it was difficult to find the place for it. I would suggest those requirements should be mentioned in the description of the product. It started working at once after I inserted the batteries.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Reply to on 7 September 2014
Very easy to set up and just required a couple of screws in the wall as mounting points, this provides that vital confirmation that the silent, odourless killer, carbon monoxide, isn't present.

Having suffered from low level Carbon Monoxide poisoning thirty years ago as a child when the family gas fire was incorrectly serviced by a qualified engineer ( thankfully my parents called in another service engineer when suspicions were aroused as to why we all kept falling asleep and the carbon monoxide levels were still low) , I now need the reassurance of an alarm in the hopefully unlikely event that should similar should happen again, my own family will be alerted before lives are threatened.

Display will hopefully always confirm a zero reading . The one thing to be aware of is that you must follow the instructions carefully to ensure correct positioning.

Highly recommended.
Chris Wood
Chris Wood Reply to on 15 December 2017
We were having problems with our (brand new, freshly installed) gas fire the exhaust flue was defective and while waiting for the supplier to get and fit a replacement I became worried so bought this for peace of mind. It is a smart discrete unit that is easy to set up, just insert the supplied batteries. A tiny green light flashes every 30 seconds or so to reassure you that the unit is on and working. There is a test button for further reassurance that when pressed emits a deafening alarm.Thankfully I have no idea if it does it's job and hope I never will find out.
r05h Reply to on 22 May 2018
I thought i had an issue with my old one which was due out the following year as these tend to only have a 10 year life span, but after installing this i discovered the other one was not faulty and when the old gas grill i have have part of a cooker is used for a long period you can see on the LCD screen here the carbon monoxide digits going up so works fine and does the job and now discovered need to get rid of old cooker, even tried placing far away in another room and it was able to read some carbon monoxide as the 000 turned to 50 etc so works as should.
CaptainDC Reply to on 26 March 2017
I have two of these mounted on the wall in my house. One in the bedroom hallway and one in the main hallway. They have never gone off but I test them occasionally. Every home should be obliged to have these. Don't delay - buy them right now. You could be saving a family member.
Reaction Reply to on 25 March 2018
Well made product, but since it's only ever read "0" on the display, I'll never know if it's actually working! Giving it four stars, since it's supplied in one of those infuriating finger-cutting plastic bubble packs that require industrial grade scissors and safety gloves to get open... thus ensuring it's impossible to return "in it's original and undamaged packaging" should you need to.
If any chemist reading this can tell Amazon customers how to make a little Carbon Monoxide to test the device, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it :-)
Saraseenit Reply to on 30 November 2017
The alarm came properly packaged and probably for the first time every I was pleased to open the plastic package around the alarm as someone actually though about other people opening it.
The plastic was perforated and easy to open, no cuts or bruises and also no need to use scissors to open it, Greatly done!

The product itself looks fine and the alarm sound is clearly loud enough to get everyone's attention.
Can't say much about how long it will work as we just installed it
Hannerz Reply to on 26 September 2016
This unit is great in that it looks good and feels quality, with an added bonus of replacement batteries. However it is difficult to say how good it is at doing its job without being in the situation where we have a carbon monoxide leak, which isn't ideal!

It should be noted however that when you put the batteries in, it will emit a short beep to notify you that it's working, that's according to the manual anyway. I'd argue that they need to be clear on the definition of short beep; unbelievable, ear bleeding screech is more how I'd describe it! I did check that I wasn't pushing test when I put the batteries in btw!

So all in all, great; just pop some ear defenders on before you put the batteries in!

4 stars as a) I can't attest to its effectiveness and b) I'm now mildly stunned by the test "beep"!
VCS Reply to on 15 February 2018
Brought one of these recently having been advised by a gas man servicing our boiler. Within a few weeks of having it the alarm sounded. Inspection by call out gas man confirmed carbon monoxide in our house. Scary, but at least we were able to react quickly and get the problem addressed before anything awful happened. Thinking of buying another to have downstairs in the house too.
This model is easy to use and read. Would highly recommend. Normal excellent delivery service by Amazon. Thank you.
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