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Customer reviews Oxford Campus Wirebound Notebook, A4 Size - Assorted Colour, Pack of 5

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 10:30 pm
Customer reviews Oxford Campus Wirebound Notebook, A4 Size - Assorted Colour, Pack of 5

Customer reviews Oxford Campus Wirebound Notebook, A4 Size - Assorted Colour, Pack of 5

Londoner Reply to on 12 May 2017
Excellent quality and more affordable notepads than are offered by the likes of Rhodia, Clairefontaine etc, any of which would be several times more expensive when available in similar page sizes and counts; the paper they use would not necessarily be of higher quality despite the price differentials. The paper used in "Oxford Campus Wirebound Notebook, A4 Size - Navy, Pack of 5" is bright white and 100% fountain-pen compatible, not that Oxford make that statement on their Campus products, but it has been confirmed by personal trial and usage. Fountain pens with different grades of nib and filled with different colours and qualities of inks were used and there was no feathering or bleed-through, even with the broadest nib and the wettest and darkest ink from a large collection.

The pads are A4+ to allow for the wire binding and the micro-perforations that allow the removed sheets to be identical in size to anything A4. The pages have a 'starter cut-out' to facilitate the tear-down and to ensure clean removal. There is standard pre-punching for both 2- and 4-hole binders, a reasonable side margin and about 9mm line-spacing with a thin grey line. The paper is smooth with a slight sheen and of 90gsm weight, and therefore slightly heavier than used in most similar pads. Each pad holds 70 sheets, 140 pages. There is an area inside of the front cover for personalisation which may be useful for students.

The back card is quite light and not very stiff, possibly demanding additional support if the pad is to be used other than on a desktop but that is not uncommon.

Although more expensive than basic pads of a similar type and size, the far higher quality of the paper used and its friendliness towards fountain pen use will be easily justified for those who need it. As an alternative to the navy set ordered, other colours are available as well as a 'mixed' set, all of 5 pads and at the same price, just under £3 per pad.

Those previously committed to the higher priced, French-, US- or Japanese-made fountain pen pads should certainly try these. They will be more than pleasantly surprised and will save a substantial amount over time should they change allegiance.
S Riaz
S Riaz Reply to on 11 February 2017
You get five A4 pads in this pack, each with a different coloured cover. I received slightly different covers from those featured on the product page: dark blue, light blue, green, purple and red (the product page has a black cover in place of the green I received). Inside, there is a page for your personal details – these are really designed with students in mind, so useful if you leave your pad lying around in the library or lecture hall. There is also space for a timetable, which is a nice addition.

The spiral bound notebooks are actually slightly larger than A4 in size and that is because the sheets can be torn out. Each A4 sheet has a margin, plus four holes, so you can tear them out along the perforated strip and then you can put these in a file. As such they are perfect for taking notes in lectures – the pad is comfortable to hold and you can later file the sheets neatly. What is more, the sheets are good quality and you can write on both pages of the sheet without the ink leaking through. There is also a double back cover, including a cardboard sheet, to keep the pad stable when you are holding it, plus the spiral binding makes it perfect to fold over and easy to write on. With 140 pages in each pad, these are excellent quality.

I have never used this particular make of pad before, but I use A4 pads a lot and I would certainly use these again. They are more expensive than the types I normally buy, but the quality is very good and they will last a long while. As such, they really work out as good value and, as you can write on both sides of each sheet (whereas often the paper is thinner and so you can only write on one side) they really are worth investing in. Very impressed with these – perfect for myself and my student son.
Fiddlewifey Reply to on 9 March 2015
I have used Oxford Campus notebooks for the last 5 years, both in my work and in studying for my OU degree. The notebooks themselves look attractive, with a quality spiral binding that does not bend out of shape easily. The paper is 90gsm which means that it is great for use with fountain pens, and it is lovely and smooth to write on. It has 4 ring holes punched into the pages (so can be used with 4-ring binders), and although the paper is securely bound, it is perforated for easy removal, so that the pages don't get torn at the top when you remove them for putting in ring binders. I refuse to use anything else....
Kieran M.
Kieran M. Reply to on 2 September 2017
The pages have alignment marks for their terrible app in the margins and on the opposite side of the page, exactly where you'd write if you were trying to organise your notes with category labels or headings to read as you flick through
DorsetBlue Reply to on 19 February 2018
I bought these notebooks for my daughter, so that she could structure her GCSE revision. She asked if the notebooks I could buy could have different colour covers, so she could immediately see which notebook was covering which subject.....and here we had just the items.
My daughter is very happy with the quality of the notebooks and the different colour covers, so it is a 5* from her.
Alfred E Neuman
Alfred E Neuman Reply to on 12 November 2016
Get through notebooks at a rate of knots and chose these as the ones I have ordered previously through Amazon tend to wear quickly, particularly the covers.

These have a nice solid cover and thicker pages, which seem a better quality paper, too.

As I am freelance and work for more than one company, it is handy to have different colour covers for each client. With this pack, you get 5 individual colours.

Highly recommend but not available with Prime so expect a wait to receive them.
Michelle Torez
Michelle Torez Reply to on 1 September 2018
I am currently halfway through an English Literature & Creative Writing Degree, so, as you may have guessed, a hell of a lot of writing and note taking is needed. This is very high quality paper. I prefer high quality paper like this for two main reasons; one being that on cheaper paper writing on one side of the paper makes the other side unusable as the ink seaps through. The other reason is that cheaper paper is very thin and rips far too easily when trying to paperclip, fold etc. Overall good price for 5 very high quality writing pads. Will continue to buy every few months.
Ilvija S.
Ilvija S. Reply to on 21 December 2016
I absolutely love these notebooks! Excellent quality paper, the cover stays in place even after many uses, and the pages tear off well along a straight line on the side. I use these for my revision notes. The covers are coloured differently (lovely, bright colours too) so I can organise my modules.
However, my preferred pen to write with is blue Parker fountain pen, and I really don't like the way the ink looks on these pages. There is no bleeding through or anything, it's just that the ink colour fades very quickly and the pages end up looking pale and kind-of bland (this is not a problem on any other notebooks I've used). I have to use a black biro or my colourful Muji pens to make my work and writing look nice on these, which is a shame because I find fountain pens much more comfortable and quick to write with.
Also, I received different colours than are shown in the image; one of my notebooks is a beautiful bright green - which I actually prefer.
Miss Mikaela
Miss Mikaela Reply to on 27 August 2018
I use a Pilot V5 and V7 and I can write on both sides except with permanent markers. I got 5 of them. I wish they were hard back because my OCD got triggered when I accidentally bent the laminated hard cardboard back! Now there is a bent mark :( Hard backs are about £4 each, so these are good for the price!
Bazarov Reply to on 16 April 2017
These are the smoothest sheets to write on.
The lines on the sheets are distinct and the perforations allow the sheets to be ripped out smoothly if required.
Wirebound means that the notebook can be opened in mid section without the pages coming loose or the notebook feeling stiff.
Best A4 notebook ever.
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