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Customer reviews Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit - white/clear

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 11:12 pm
Customer reviews Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit -  white/clear

Customer reviews Rain X Windscreen Repair Kit - white/clear

Price:£8.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

pauld Reply to on 24 April 2017
Did not want the hassle of arranging a windscreen chip repair via insurance company and like to do things myself so decided for £7 it was worth a go at doing the repair myself.

I had 3 x bullseye type stone chips all just under a pound coin in size, 2 of them in drivers view and I could not stop focusing on them when driving so they had to be sorted out or the windscreen replaced.

This kit far exceeded my expectations for such a low price, the stone chips are now barely visible and no longer catch my eye when driving.

My only advice would be don't skimp on the resin, I used 6-7 drops for each chip and managed 3 repairs with some resin to spare so I think I could do 4 repairs with the kit which works out at less than £2 a chip.....billy bargain, convenient and good fun to do :-)
Claira Reply to on 7 July 2017
After searching for a product to help with my windscreen crack I came across the rain x via utube videos and thought I'd give it a try and I am so glad I did, this is a great product for the price and worked well. obviously it's not a miracle worker but can save you a fortune in having to replace the screen. Highly recommend
Nick Reply to on 6 October 2017
Initially fiddly to use but after a moment proved to be quite easy to apply. Instructions are easy to follow, I have repaired 3 stone chips on windscreen of our 2 cars for a fraction of a price I would pay if I used a mobile windscreen repair system. The rasin fills small chips and spider leg cracks nicely and I cannot really see any difference compared to the repairs I had done before using professional windscreen repair services. Two points:
- 3-6 drops of resin per crack never worked for me, IMHO 6 drops is a minimum. Still allows to repair multiple cracks.
- the leaflet suggest using the razor blade at 90 degrees angle against the windscreen. To me it works best when applied at low degree acute angle.
All in all - highly recommend!
Chaddy Reply to on 12 July 2017
Used this before I sold my car on, from the inside, it was noticeable but was much improved from the chip before, from the outside, it near enough hid the chip completely, i found myself looking for it and I knew where the chip was. To me it looked like a chip repair autoglass had done (based on past experience).
Be careful with how tight you do the screw though, as I put a slight crack in the glass by applying too much pressure.
It passed an MOT with this so it must to the job well enough, was cheaper than the £50 insurance excess for Autoglass and has done the exact same job!
Cameron F.
Cameron F. Reply to on 24 June 2018
Bought this item as I bought a new car last week and already managed to get a chip in my screen, I would be able to get it repaired free of charge as I’m a technician however it would be getting drilled at my own risk. So I looked for less brutal options and came across this item it was delivered on time and finally got round to using it today. Instructions were very easy to follow, trying to line the device up to the centre can be tricky and would be better if it operates on a screw mechanism so you don’t have to keep picking off screen and putting back on also can be very messy. The soloution worked very quickly in the rare sunny day in the UK and the cracks have disappeared however I am still left with a pin prick hole this is due to user error there was a air bubble in the chip due to the fact the chip was to far down the screen for me to see for air. Overall I am happy.
Ray Reply to on 18 August 2018
It made the big chip on my windscreen 95% better than it was.
My car failed it's MOT because the chip was a large bulseye on the drivers side straight in front of the drivers vision.
All that was left after treatment was a very tiny black mark which could have been a little piece of grit that I missed when I cleaned out the chip, but you have to look close to see it.
The job done by the repair kit was enough to satisfy the MOT tester and my MOT was granted.
Now when driving I can't see any visible marks.
So for me the kit worked, and saved me £60 that a windscreen service wanted to charge me.
I hope this helps someone out their.
Richard J
Richard J Reply to on 28 February 2018
This is a superb idea that is let down by stunningly poor build quality on the applicator. Frustratingly you can see these being successfully demonstrated on YouTube.
The good points are: the resin works pretty well, the razor blade works fine, the curing strips are fine, the applicator base can be accurately fitted to the windscreen.
The not so good points: the internal thread on the resin chamber isn't a great fit with the thread on the pressure driver. So basically the driver doesn't force the resin out of the chamber into the chipped windscreen. This make the applicator pretty useless,
In summary - a waste of time and money. Luckily I managed to fix my chip by relying on gravity and using the curing strips
P Reply to on 31 July 2018
Surprisingly straight forward. I had a 10mm bullseye chip and a smaller 5mm star chip in my windscreen, followed instructions and results were ok, not perfect as I have a small halo around the outer edge of the bullseye but 100x better than it was.
The kit is good, I was generous with the resin solution and there is still enough left for another fix.
Note to do the procedure in the shade then move the car into the sun for the uv rays to cure the repair.
Shame it couldn’t quite get all the air out the bullseye but I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect and tbh this should be fine now for the mot.
No issues with the kit itself, it’s decent quality.
See my photos of before and after, to be fair the after photo looks better than it actually is because the naked eye can glance at different angles and highlight any flaws whereas a camera struggles to focus on clear glass let along highlight the repair but it’s actually ok and I would happily recommend this kit.
Mr. H
Mr. H Reply to on 5 October 2018
This product really is very good... It did exactly as it was supposed to do.
The instructions are clear and straight forward.
There are a number of Youtube demos out there (on Youtube just search for Rainx Windshield repair) that make the understanding of the reparing process seem even more doable.
I had just a small stone chip to deal with, but seemingly some serious damage (like large chips and cracks, not holes) can be handled by this extremely useful kit. I was finished within half an hour, start to finish.
This one kit is supplied with enough materials to repair many chips. The whole thing is wonderful... Thank you.
Jimbo Reply to on 6 June 2016
I purchased this kit, as I recently had a stone hit my windscreen on my Ford Focus. The resulting "bull's eye" was in the driver area of the screen and was quite noticeable in bright sunlight. I followed the instructions to the letter and WOW! It can hardly be seen and is far better than a repair carried out by Autoglass recently. Highly recommended.
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