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Customer reviews The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 11:12 pm
Customer reviews The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

Customer reviews The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

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ashlec Reply to on 9 September 2017
I'm a 30 year old who grew up with a GameBoy/N64 and GBA/GameCube, playing anything you care to name on each console.

Since then, I played about 5 games: Halo 2, WoW, Halo 3, SC2, and LoL. I thought single player gaming was a thing of the past for me.

Breath of the Wild is something wonderful. I very nearly sent the Switch back as I was not accustomed to loading times (which are really not that long, and only when travelling between shrines) nor was I convinced this game was worth the price of the console alone.

About 2 hours later and I was in love with the best game I've played, certainly in a generation, probably ever.

Worth the price of the console alone. Buy it.
Alexander V.
Alexander V. Reply to on 16 December 2017
My first experience playing Zelda was on the Nintendo 64 with Ocarina of time. For any real Zelda fan this is a must buy. For any adventure game fan this is also a must buy. Breath of the Wild is one of those very few games in the past couple of years that has really tried to innovate it's games design and in doing so created a very fun and enjoyable game that tells a very fresh tale about Link in a vast open world game. This is a living and breathing world you explore battling a large number of interesting enemies and picking up upgrades for Link aswell as new weapons to keep the combat interesting. The game alone is stunning and for a console that is able to be played in handheld mode your going to be putting ALOT of hours in to this one. Do yourself a favour and pick up the absolute marvel of an experience you will not be disappointed.
MRG Reply to on 11 March 2018
I was about 10 months late to the Switch Party and only bought one because Bayonetta 1, 2 and 3 was announced for it - THIS game had already been crowned Game Of The Year by quite a few outlets. Playing it now I can see why.

This game, at a glace, may seem like: "Oh they've made a Zelda game open world like GTA or Skyrim..." But the thing is, they've actually made a Zelda game that does everything better. The more hardcore Zelda fans might boast about how they finished it with 3 Hearts while only wearing their blue shorts in 39mins... but this game has more to offer than that... and DESERVES more from the player I think.

I advise any new players, like I was, to just ignore the internet and jump into the game and learn how to cook from trial and error, learn how to fight each foe, seek out those secrets. I've been playing this for days and I don't even feel like I am "avoiding the main quest" or "Looking for stuff to do". Every journey I make ends up an exploration, the world in this game is very well done.
d_dappa Reply to on 20 March 2017
Game of the year. No question one of the most engrossing i've played in forever. Can totally ignore the main quest and have hours of fun
Goodnight Reply to on 9 January 2018
Yes you guessed it another 5 stars for a game that is the game of the year? well it is deserving of that title, there is literally so much to do in this game that you will be left amazed even if you have never played a Zelda game before however i do have to say that the beginning of the game was quite a drag and could'of been a lot better.

weapons break too fast, i have no idea why they added that mechanic in this game.
game seems too short for someone who doesn't do side quests or just explore the game.
The Reviewist
The Reviewist Reply to on 7 April 2018
Play. This. Game.

I'm new to Zelda, but had to pick this up after watching my boyfriend playing it.

It's gorgeous; huge, expansive open world where you can literally interact with everything. Climb mountains, swim in lakes, climb trees, sail, fish, build, cook, hunt, fly, fight, puzzles, magic... It's incredible. The designers have built the most incredibly immersive, beautiful game I've ever played and everyone should play it!

It took me about 5/6 hours of playing to get a hang of the full controls. A minor 2pts off a 100,000pt game though; just power through and enjoy your new life. 😁
Simone Smith
Simone Smith Reply to on 17 August 2017
I've only ever played one other Zelda game on the DS (Majora's Mask) and I never finished it mainly because it wasn't mine and I kinda forgot about it, however, I loved this game, no matter how long I played it I never got bored since there was always something to do, some side quest I haven't finished, some person I haven't helped, so many ways to solve a problem.

seriously if you are looking for a real open world adventure game, that gives you the choice to follow task or just do whatever you want, then this game is for you!

The only con is that I wish you could befriend the dogs and have them follow you around permanently, but then I'd be sad if they died during a fight or something so um... nevermind.

good game 10/10
Jamesey Reply to on 19 August 2018
THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW :) (At the bottom is a full list of pros and cons, which is a summed up version of this review)

Breath of the wild was an extremely charming and welcoming surprise for a gaming experience within the Zelda
universe. Having fully played through the entrire game, i can say it was truly fantastic.

It is a beautifully crafted world and filled with tons of content to enjoy. It is filled with some great detail, with each area of this open world, having some meaning or use - which is quite rare for an open world game, usually having irrelevant areas which are just there to fill time, this game it feels amazing to go off and explore.
There are no restrictions, if you see something of interest - you can gon explore it. You will find yourself doing numerous side quests for fun and finding intriguing and challenging puzzles and enemies to test your wits and skills.

Graphically this is one of the most beautiful looking zelda titles for a while, it feels as though it is a unique artstyle as many games take a modern approach to games in terms of realistic graphics, so this is a welcome differentiation.

Whilst there is a story in this game, it takes more of a backseat to the world and gameplay, it is still present within the game - having a main goal backstory etc. However the story is quite nice to see and the cutscenes are fully voiced, which is a first for zelda, but was surprisingly good and a welcomed inclusion. The character of zelda felt a lot more developed than some of the previous titles in the series.

GAMEPLAY, the gameplay is fantastic. There are so many new additions to the mechanics and a variety of fun random things you can do, it truly is amazing. There are so many weapons in this game, allowing for different ways to attack enemies, really keeps you on your toes. When playing the game, because the core mechanics are so much for, you find yourself creating and finding out new things to do all the time, you find yourself messing around having fun just creating stupid scenarious to kill an enemy - it can be really hilarious. The great thing anout this game is that i kept finding new things to do even late into the game, i had figured out randomly towards the end, i can pull my shield out, jump on it and surf down a hill. And i spent embarrasingly a long time doing this, and combining it with other mechanics into the game to do some really fun and stupid things.

Bug wise i have personally not come across any throughout my whole playthrough, and i feel as though i did everything content wise that i could, and during this whole time i did not come across one bug.

This is a truly fantastic game and i would recommend this to anyone whether you are a newcomer to the series or a longtime fan, it will truly be a fantastic experience for you. 10/10 game.

Lots of content
An amazing world to explore
No bugs (personally)
Beautiful graphics
Mechanically fantastic
A truly fantastic world
Music is blended in well to fit the scenario of what is going on within the game

The story, whilst still good, takes a little bit of a backseat in comparison to that of other zelda games.
Mike Coulter
Mike Coulter Reply to on 17 January 2018
This is without a doubt the best game I've played.

It's not often you can play a game so open as this and with endless ways around completing tasks and quests.

When I bought the switch, I was a little worried about the fact that on paper, the console isn't as powerful as the competitors. However, Breath of the Wild has proven that power isn't all that's required to make a game beautiful. The art style, landscapes and gameplay flow and awe you as your story throughout Hyrule continues.

So far I have between 40-50 hours gameplay and I've still not completed it. This is probably due to the fact I've enjoyed exploring, climbing and running for dear life at times before I remember I was just about to look for the next part of my quest.

Overall, extremely impressed. Thanks Nintendo for such an amazing game.
Emma Summers
Emma Summers Reply to on 10 January 2018
Have not seen my husband in months due to this little ol' thing :) Bought alongside the Nintendo Switch as a birthday present and he hasn't stopped telling me how amazing it is. Graphics, storyline, nostalgia, freedom of approach - all exceptional. Although find games very expensive, in comparison to the hours he has spent playing, cost per play is miniscule.
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