Home Customer reviews Emsa plant spray bottle, matte, 0.7 litre, plastic, mint pastel,
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Customer reviews Emsa plant spray bottle, matte, 0.7 litre, plastic, mint pastel,

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 10:31 pm
Customer reviews Emsa plant spray bottle, matte, 0.7 litre, plastic, mint pastel,

Customer reviews Emsa plant spray bottle, matte, 0.7 litre, plastic, mint pastel,

Price:£5.99 - £15.52

Random Guy
Random Guy Reply to on 3 February 2018
Bought for spray ironing.

Sturdy bottle.

Mechanism looks solid, once initially primed (from filling) sprays on each trigger squeeze.

Can adjust from mist to solitary jet
Hawkmoon269 Reply to on 18 January 2018
I have bought a few of these and it is as good a plant sprayer as you could imagine.

It is made with good quality materials, ergonomic and a good attractive design .

It loses one star because we have dropped the ones I bought before and they are brittle, so they can break. But I buy replacements because otherwise they are perfect.

We use them constantly in a business.
Mark Reply to on 3 May 2018
Look its a spray bottle what can you say about it? Well it's the best damn spray bottle I've ever used, it's German build quality and engineering in a mundane device, it's marginally more expensive than others, but totally worth it. I use it for ridding my rose plant of pests and it works brilliantly, quality bit of kit that just works.
Tommy Reply to on 7 June 2018
Nice item. Got it in orange as it was slightly cheaper for some reason. Feels nice and strong. Good build quality. Nice range of spray options such as fine mist, or a stronger longer-ranged spray. Perfect for looking after my Kaffir lime tree that doesn't like lots of water at once.

Loses a star because on occasion it leaks under the trigger.

Ideal for gardeners, but also I'd imagine for other purposes such as hairdressing. Good item. Recommended.
Gavin Reply to on 30 September 2018
Works really well. Impressive that the Germans have managed to put their trademark quality and design into something as simple as a spray bottle. Until you drop it. Just once was enough for the main body of the bottle to crack at the top. Maybe I'll put a string around it and wear it like a librarian's glasses next time. If they improved this design flaw it would last for years I'm sure.
MRS A KUBATY Reply to on 6 April 2017
The quality of this product is superb. It's the only water spray I've ever had that just sprays straight away and with no problems - doesn't get air blocked, doesn't leak, just sprays :)
Dr M
Dr M Reply to on 7 April 2018
Lovely bright cheerful plant spray, which looks great in my conservatory (paired with the matching yellow watering can). The spray is powerful yet gentle, and the quality is robust. I like the sunshine yellow colour, which is much more attractive than the ordinary off-white sprays I have had before.
Sea near Egyptian
Sea near Egyptian Reply to on 12 June 2018
Good mister, I had bought the green one and I love the colour. The plastic is thicker and stronger than other misters I have had, the mist is fine and I hope it will do my fern plants good.
Stuart.C.Ponsford Reply to on 8 June 2015
I have been using this to water my indoor plants. The nozzle is easily adjusted to achieve a fine mist spray or single stream and the handle feels robust. The colour is nice and the overall quality and size of the product is excellent. A slight drawback, however, is that the sprayer has to be held upright otherwise water is not drawn up through the straw. This can make watering plants indoors more challenging, since it is easier to spray at a slight downward angle and thus into the tub and not behind the plant. As it is, expect the surrounding areas to get a little wet! For the price though, it is very good. Hope this review helps!
Sizzers Reply to on 13 December 2016
This is brilliant, the best spray bottle ever and looks lovely on the windowsill among the plants with the sun shining through it! The spray mechanism is very solid and adjusts well to give a fine spray for misting or a jet spray if that's what you want.
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