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Customer reviews All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone Fabric

user74 Published in October 22, 2018, 11:16 pm
Customer reviews All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone Fabric

Customer reviews All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone Fabric

Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Stupot Reply to on 15 October 2018
The sound quality is a lot better on these than the older dot. You can pair two together and make it a reasonable stereo setup for listening to the radio or for other types of music. What it doesn't have is a fantastic bass but the sound is pretty decent if you are not bothered about the heavy bass and it has an equaliser setting to alter the sound. If you use a skill such as radioplayer or other radio stations, it will only play on one dot but Tunein is supported for stereo as well as Amazon music and it does make a difference. I can't comment on Spotify as I don't use them. They sound as good as the google home mini which in itself sounds pretty decent but I do believe two google home mini's cannot be paired together to make them stereo. The new dot is heavier than the older one and it is also a lot nicer to look at. It is still as responsive as the older dot and is more than capable at using skills for turning lighting on and off or dimming and other things you may want to use as a voice control. I have now set up multiroom using 2 3rd generation echo dots paired together, 2 2nd generation echo pluses paired together and 1 echo spot all working perfect with Tunein and Amazon Music including what I have purchased in my music library. This is definitely worth the upgrade from the older dot even if you just want to use one of them as it sounds so much nicer.
Joshua Mouncer
Joshua Mouncer Reply to on 15 October 2018
(Note: I bought this product on my brother's account through Prime.)

This is my first time using an Amazon Echo device and I'm rather impressed by this form of technology. The idea of being able to speak to a device that responds in a way that doesn't feel like you're talking to a robot is rather amazing, which gives it larger potential for other uses in future. Alexa is able to answer questions, tell stories and jokes, explain the current weather, play games and use skills, and quite a lot of other things too like delivering factual information, updating you on the news and what the currently released movies are, or just a simple conversation with her if that's what you prefer. The sound quality I must say is of very high quality with a crisp, bass sound. However, Alexa isn't 100% perfect as I've read online she's known to glitch - for example, after I set a timer, she randomly started making a sequence of 3 beeping sounds every second which I couldn't stop after trying a series of voice commands, forcing me to restart her via the plug. I hear this was an issue with the 2nd Gen Echo device, so why this hasn't been fixed is beyond me. But overall, Alexa is unlikely to have issues and she's great to talk to. I would say it's worth the £50.
MD Reply to on 16 October 2018
People have such high expectations these days. I bought the echo dot (never having had one over privacy issues) and I am chuffed to bits. It’s so much more than Siri, my last flirtation with voice AI. I bought it to listen to a bit of music, to ask about news and weather and for it to read my kindle (not audible.com) books. For this the speaker is great. How anyone can expect it to compete with a home sound system for its size and price is anyone’s guess. But I can move it around from kitchen to bedroom and it’s a fun little companion when I’m washing up. I used to use my smart phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker and this is way more convenient. Spotify is great and the voice recognition is superb. Took no time to set up and I like the fact it is powered by a proper plug because I am likely to leave it on a lot. I bought it also to help me sleep, I like the fact that I can listen to ambient sounds such as rainfall and have it switch itself off after a period of time. I could got on that it can be used a phone too but I don’t use use that. Frankly it’s worth the money alone for the little things it does.
Daniel Reply to on 18 October 2018
The difference justifies upgrading - either keeping your second gen Dots to cover more of your home or simply sell the old one(s).

I use my new 3rd Gen Dot in the kitchen where I mostly listen to music. Since I could clearly tell that the second gen Dot was too tinny and of generally poor quality for music, I was going to buy a Bluetooth speaker. First, however, I thought I’d take a gamble on a 3rd gen Dot (delivered within an hour no less) and I wasn’t disappointed.

No longer do I have the need for a Bluetooth speaker. The sound is so much better than the previous Dot. Not only that, it’s actually surprising that the sound is coming out of a thing so small. Alexas voice sounds completely different too due to the quality and bass.

On the subject of bass; this is why I’ve dropped a star in the rating. It’s a little too much. I had to move the new dot out of my office and it’s certainly no good for the bedroom (I was going to upgrade the whole house). Even at a low volume, there’s a good amount of bass which, given the fact that I give commands constantly (I have a smart home), it will affect the neighbours through the thin walls.

For those who as savvy with music terminology, the unit boasts an incredible bass, lacks in mid-range and has virtually no high end at all. In Layman's terms, the sound is largely bass and therefore could have done with a tweeter of two in the construction, or improve what’s already in there to get some greater high end.

As such, the new Dot is perhaps unsuited to places that are sound sensitive. The 2nd Gen dot, is mostly mid and high end, with no bass, due largely to lesser quality. This, however, is more suited to sound sensitive areas.

Lastly, another reason for only 4 stars is due to the LED ring. I don’t believe there are any settings I’m missing, but it glows as bright as the last Dot when you switch it on, thereafter when issuing a command, it only glows at around 50%. In other words, it’s dimmer than the previous Dot. In addition to this, the light doesn’t appear and a solid lit ring. The light diffuser (the plastic ring) needs to be thicker since you can see the individual LED’s. If brightness were hypothetically at 100% (instead of the dimmer 50%), you would see this problem more so.

The last negative is the new barrel power cable, Though it’s USS on the other end, this isn’t a popular format of cable (the last Dot was a simple USB cable). As such, the cable needs to be treated well and you need to guard against losing it.

On a positive, the build quality is great. It’s a solid, sturdy unit with pleasing curves and a quality fabric. The fabric may be prone to staining, especially in the kitchen, so placement of it should be a close consideration. The fabric is non-removable.

Boasting 4 mics now, instead of the mere 1 as the previous dot had, range and response seem to be somewhat better.

It shouldn’t go without saying too that this version is bigger than the last, allegedly to host the better speakers. This is fine and by no means overbearing. It’s got a good presence and looks the part.

The buttons function well and have a nice feel, featuring raised icons, which can be useful for manual controlling in the dark or for those who are without / short of sight.

Overall, I’m very happy with it and at £50 for quality which is largely better than there last, this is a steal!
MUK Reply to on 15 October 2018
Much improved sound compared to previous version... much more wholesome audio.
Monique Roque
Monique Roque Reply to on 22 October 2018
I was pretty excited to get this as a present, as everyone seem to love this stuff, and I wanted to know what all the fuss is about, couldn't be less impressed, the sound its ok, the communication is pure, Alexa seems to be deaf the poor thing, I have to shout at her, then I discovered this games stuff, and how frustrating it is when playing Trivia Hero the few questions I actually get it right, she says they are wrong as she can't seem to get what I say! She seems very robotic, unlike Siri, that can be funny and a bit more natural. Like another reviewer I agree the just seems like a ordinary speaker with added voice function, I thought she could cook for me too, and maybe send my kid to sleep, I was expecting her to say something nice and funny without me having to ask her... 😢It's like when I ask 'when is my birthday' (tomorrow btw) Alexa says isn't supported! Isn't she suppose to be inflitred in every inch of my life, isn't she connected to all my devices? Siri seems to know pretty much everything about me... I don't think this new relationship is gone work, I'll probably keep her as a spare speaker, but even as a speaker I've a better sound quality wireless speaker, that cost me half of Alexa's price (although this was a gift 😅) and does a pretty awesome job (Anker), and what's this I've learned? She can't connect to my Anker and make it stereo, instead makes my Anker work by itself? what's the propose of this, if I then take my Anker with me to another room (witch I do all the time) and I wanna change music, what I do then, shout across rooms, she is deaf, she can't ear me when Im in the same room as her! I will have to move my pretty little arse out into the other room and command her to change to whatever I want? this seems a lot of work 😂 Sorry my lovely readers I'm not that impressed about this little hype, seems to be lacking a lot, but then again doesn't cost the eyes of your face, so maybe that's why, and maybe, just maybe, I'm a little to exigent😂
Androo Reply to on 15 October 2018
This is my third Dot... It looks nicer than the original, with the cloth grille all around. It sounds louder and fuller too. It makes listening to light music or the radio bearable – pleasant even. There's an attempt at some bass, though it can sound a bit 'muddy' and is best not turned too loud. I get the impression that it takes fractionally longer to react to my instructions than my other (original) Dots – just feels slightly less responsive. I'm disappointed that the power connector is no longer a standard micro USB. Everything else is the same as the original Dot. Set up isn't hard but is a bit of a pain in the neck. They could improve it.

So it's a great thing to have around the house and you'll find you use it more and more as you discover all its tricks. Add lights and other devices and it soon builds up into a genuinely useful system and not just a novelty.
Martin D
Martin D Reply to on 15 October 2018
When I purchased the previous version of the DOT to go with my Echo, I was always disappointed with the sound quality, the ability to hear my voice and design.

Now I got the DOT (3rd gen), what a difference a generation makes.

The design has improved as it looks nice now and bigger.
The ability of it to pick up my voice is much improved (no more repeating myself or speaking louder).
The audio quality of this device is now brilliant. There seems to be more power and a bigger speaker, and with a flat EQ setting (That's right, EQ settings) the music and voice sounds so much better. Changing the EQ settings (Treble, Mid and Bass) just makes things better.

The only downside of it, which is not a biggie to me (Note the 5 stars), is that the power connection is not USB.
All things tech
All things tech Reply to on 16 October 2018
 So being the owner of the first and second generation Echo Dot I was nervous to purchase this item as I thought that I should go for the larger Echo plus. I needn't of worried, the sound improvement between this and the older models is massive. A real hearty base and more fuller sound.

I even ended up buying a second one for upstairs and love the ability to use in stereo mode and the intercom feature is a great way of talking to people in the house without shouting. If room filling audio for parties etc is what you want then go for the Echo Plus, however if its background music with some base then the Dot will be absolutely fine. Check out my video review.
Jonny Lewington
Jonny Lewington Reply to on 20 October 2018
This little Alexa is great. I have two, one for the office and one for the kitchen. Looks great too.

Sound quality 5/5

For a very small, £50 speaker the sound is great. Makes a very good kitchen / bedroom radio. It's well balanced and loud enough. Huge improvement over the USB powered 2nd gen dot.

Smartness 5/5

With an Echo Plus downstairs it's really easy to set up your 'smart home'. In 15 minutes we had the whole house set up and it's so convenient to turn off lights from any room, or an area of the house or play music through the house or on one floor etc etc.
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